What is a dub3 anyway?

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DUB3 stands for Deubiquitinating Enzyme 3. It is a member of the ubiquitin processing protease (UBP) subfamily of deubiquitinating enzymes”*. In fact, it is a ubiquitin hydrolase that promotes oncogenic transformation. It looks like this.


Fascinating. And I thought it meant “www”. Science was never my strong suit.

I’m more of a search engine optimization type. I was lucky enough to attend MozCon 2016. I came back rejuvenated and inspired to kick start my dub3 brand. So I did some competitive (read, “vanity”) searches. Who else is using “DUB3″. It is possible that only I am so clever? Nearly.

This is an SEO blog, not genomics, so why the commentary? Simple. I’m shamelessly (and halfheartedly) trying to rank for “dub3″ searches. I certainly don’t know much about stabilizing Cdc25A (wuh?).

How much impact can a throw away post have on an obscure SERP full of otherwise authoritative scholarly articles? Give it a try and we’ll find out.

* Special thanks to Gene Cards human gene database and National Center for Biotechnology Information for droppin’ science.

* Image by Simon CaultonOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27479335

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