I’m building on a new site.

Mobile first.

AMP from the ground up.

I work with the Google. My focus is Local SEO, but can you really separate “local” from “web” from “content”? Not really. I dig it all.

Two Octobers is a digital media agency in Denver. I work there. We kick ass. Check us out.

Why “dub3media”? In 2005 I thought it was a cool way to say “www”. In the 20teens @dub3media has been my fallback email, little-used Twitter, and home for my resume. More recently, a great week at MozCon 2016 inspired me to revisit my dub3 moniker. Shall I fire up the old Twitter machine? Scribe a blog post?

I’m on LinkedIn. People connect there. You and I, we could connect.